A Way To Remember, To Grieve and To Love

"Through my own abortion experience I have come to realise many women feel the same—that it can be difficult to gain any sense of closure. There is no grave to visit, no tangible way of remembering. Until now.”

– Marina Young (Founder, Buttons Project, New Zealand)

Buttons Project Singapore

Buttons Project Singapore provides a platform for people affected by abortion to take a step towards healing by sending in buttons. Each button represents a baby we’ve not met. We hope to enable anyone affected by abortion, not only women, but also fathers, grandparents and siblings, to have a tangible way of commemorating these babies.

These babies were carried for only a moment, but they are loved for a lifetime. We often wonder how they would look like, their likes and preferences, how old they would be right now if the abortion hadn’t happened. We think about them often. They are our unforgotten babies.

Together, we create a memorial to remember, to grieve and to love. If you are affected by abortion, will you send in a precious button to commemorate the baby who has never left your heart? These buttons will be crafted into paintings and displayed in cafes as a form of remembrance.

My Journey

Buttons Project Singapore was founded by June when she travelled to New Zealand in 2015. Having been through an abortion, and having struggled with intense pain, guilt and shame, the idea of sending in a button as a memorial to her child strongly resonated with her. It is her hope that in bringing this project to Singapore, people in the same situation will find strength in taking a step towards healing when they realise that they are not alone in this struggle.

Buttons Project New Zealand

Marina, the founder of this project in New Zealand, carried in her heart the deep and secret loss of abortion for many years; a loss which she could not grieve nor talk about openly. After a long journey of healing and restoration, she had often wondered how she could help women like herself, by giving them a safe place to grieve and to commemorate the babies lost.

You may like to find out more about Buttons Project New Zealand here.

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